"Being a huge fan of the original SmudgeGuard®, and never working digitally without it, I was definitely interested to hear about the SmudgeGuard 2 (SG2). It actually wasn't until I thought about the concept of covering both fingers that I realized my ring finger WAS touching my Cintiq tablet screen. Accumulating oils on the screen over a period of time was causing issues, and I never quite figured out where they were coming from until I tried the SG2. Now, since using the new SmudgeGuard®, I've pretty much eliminated that problem all together. It's comfortable and nonrestrictive, and just like the first one, you forget it's even there. It's a fantastic product and it's the logical step forward, definitely an improvement for those who need both fingers covered. Anyone who liked the original but still had problems with the ring finger, or simply needs another one, SG2 is the way to go."

- Reid Southen - Artist at http://rahll.deviantart.com


"SmudgeGuard2 is a great product that does exactly what it is designed to! Great service as well! Received my product within 5 days of order (3 business days) even though I'm all the way in Australia! This will definitely help me improve my skills for my design business."

- Cameron Littlewood


"Hi! I wanted to send you a message myself thanking you for making this product. I had been using a tablet for about a week when I cut the thumb, ring and middle fingers off a "craft" glove. I found your product online and just had to give it a shot. I have now been wearing the Smudgeguard 2 for about 6 months. I am currently attending the Art Institute of Vancouver doing 3D modelling. I've found I rarely use my mouse any longer for pretty much anything. I get comments about the glove all the time at school. It feels very much like a second skin and using a tablet doesn't feel the same without it. Friends who don't understand (programmers mostly) laugh and give me a hard time when I forget to take it off. It's all in good fun though, and I've had several people ask me where they can get one themselves. It has become somewhat of a trademark at my school, as I was the first there to hear about it and/or invest in one. I have now bought 5 gloves, first for myself, 3 for artist friends as gifts, and a second one for myself just in case tragedy should strike and the first should become damaged or lost. I take my hat off to you and deeply hope business will continue for you in the future. As an artist entering a primarily digital career field, chances are quite good that I will have a few more necessary visits to your website in the near future. Cheers!"

- David Major


"Using a pen tablet without the Smudgeguard is like taking a warm bath with your socks on. It just doesn't feel right. Seriously why doesn't Wacom include this glove OEM? And not only does the glove work superbly, but Jeannie does a great job of taking care of me. I don't know how big of a company Smudgeguard is but every time I've ordered, she emailed me to let me know what was going on. Above and beyond."

- Chris from Japan


"The SmudgeGuard2 (SG2) is not optional if you're going to use a Cintiq machine. Not only does it make your life easier when you work with it on the Cintiq tablet, but also helps the tablet's life itself as it minimizes the risk of scratches on the screen."

- Panayiotis Lyris - Cartoonist / Illustrator


"Got the SmudgeGuard2 (SG2) gloves last week. Gotta say I love mine. Jason (my biz partner) is happy with his too. We wear them every day. Sometimes I scan my desk looking for mine only to remember I've got it around my wrist. Thanks a bunch. These are much less warm than the utility gloves."

- Thomas Estess of San Francisco, CA at Skunk Studios


"I bought a medium SG2 a couple of weeks back and I've been putting it through its paces and I have to say I am delighted in its performance. The way it lets my hand glide across my Wacom Cintiq is amazing. I think I actually get more friction from my stylus nib now than I do from my hand. I am incredibly pleased with my purchase and highly recommend the product to anyone in the artistic field. Thank you for making such an amazing product. I've been looking for something just like this for years!."

- Garth Graham of www.gcgstudios.com


"I have been using the SmudgeGuard2 (SG2) glove for the past few days, now I wonder, why I didn’t get one of these sooner. It’s nice to feel my hand move freely over the Wacom tablet, knowing that my lines will always be smooth. Thank you for a great product."

- David Farrow of the United Kingdom


"I just received the SmudgeGuards (SG2's) I ordered and I love them! I always hesitated to purchase the previous version with the single finger even though it was recommended by a number of my fellow artists, as I always rest my hand with two fingers when working on my Cintiq monitor. Now that the two finger version is available I decided to give them a run. They are very durable and extremely comfortable! Many thanks and I look forward to using the heck out of these!"

- Ben Thompson - Artist


"The SmudgeGuard2 (SG2) at first seems like a bit of an extravagance. However, it instantly improves the quality of long accurate strokes particularly on large-sized pen tablets. Not only that, but the low friction of the glove means that extended drawing sessions are a lot less tiring. It's comfortable and breathable even after 4 hours of continuous use. If you use a pen tablet daily, this is as essential as an apron is to a chef.."

- Ian Foster of Norfolk, UK


"Since the first day of using my Cintiq, I realized that the heat generated from the monitor would create sweat on my hands, preventing my hand from sliding across it smoothly. Being that I use the Cintiq everyday for work, there had to have been a better solution. A quick search online brought me to Jeannie's site and after using the product SmudgeGuard®, it's something that I cannot work without. Some days, I'd leave it at home, which would result in total unproductiveness. I literally cannot work without it. To solve that problem, I've ordered 2 more...one for home, one for the office, and one to keep in my bag just in case....resulting in 100% productiveness at all times!!;-) I've been using SmudgeGuard® for over a year now, and it has been a tool as important as any other tool I use. Thanks."

- Norm Ryang - Designer at Cartoon Network


"I can remember switching to drawing fully digital about two years ago and discovering I really did not like the feeling of the screen on my drawing hand. I then searched YouTube for anything that might be able to make my experience of drawing on the screen a little better. Upon more searching, I found a large community of artists using the SmudgeGuard® and saying nothing but complimentary things about it. I placed my order and to my surprise wondered how I ever drew without this wonderful glove, also the design is so comfortable I forget it's even on! I highly recommend this product to anyone drawing either professionally or for pleasure digitally, I really can't say how much my experience drawing has been changed for the best and I look forward to more years using the SmudgeGuard®."

- Andres Alvarez - Artist


"A colleague of mine started using the SmudgeGuard® early into production of our series, here at Nickelodeon. Some of us were using the old white cotton gloves with the fingers cut off. They were a bit bulky and got really nasty dirty. Once we saw him and his stylish SmudgeGuard®, many of us were intrigued. I finally pulled the trigger and bought one. It really is great. One of the most handy things about it is that you can go from using the stylus to typing with no loss of typing accuracy. Great when needing to punch out some Photoshop shortcuts, or a quick email to a colleague about a folder of drawings that were just sent to his crew folder. Nice. I honestly think that Jeannie's SmudgeGuard® should be part of every animation artist's tool set. It lives up to and surpasses all expectations. Heck, maybe Wacom should start supplying them with every Cintiq sold!"

- David Knott - Animation Director at Nickelodeon


"I just got the SmudgeGuard® gloves and these are really really nice! I own a Cintiq tablet, one of the older ones and was contemplating buying a new one. So I looked up Cintiq on YouTube and found a video of an artist putting on one of your gloves... I've been a professional artist for almost 20 years now working in the entertainment business and use both traditional media and work digitally. My finger nails are not long, but after doing much work on both the Cintiq tablet and on Tablet PCs I noticed that scratches were showing up on the surface of the tablets... The Wacom guys told me that the nib on the pen was not hard enough to scratch the surface of the tablets, so I checked and sure enough, I drag my fingernails while I draw. Many artists do this as well. So I'm super happy that you make this product. The glove fits great and I expect to use them for years to come. I look forward to sharing my discovery with the artists on my staff and the other digital artist that I work with at EA."

- Ken Harsha - Art Director/Production designer at Electronic Arts (EA)


"I honestly don't know how I painted before having a SmudgeGuard® glove. I've been a digital artist for the past 7 years using a wacom tablet, and having been using one of your gloves for the past year or 2, it has increased my comfort when painting dramatically. I can't thank you enough for releasing this product - even though something like this may seem minor, it really does make a huge difference. So again, thank you (I still have a second SmudgeGuard® sitting at my desk still packaged, waiting for my first to one day finally give out :D)"

- Evan Raynor


"I can't live without the SmudgeGuard®. Drawing three to five strips a day, I have it on all the time."

- Brian Anderson - A Syndicated Cartoonist and Writer


"I frequently draw comics involving a lot of small panels and details in graphite. By the time I’m finished with a difficult page, there are so many smudges that I can barely see the lines in the panels I drew first! I needed a solution, and with one Google search, I found it. I bought the SmudgeGuard2®, because of the way I hold my hand. My parcel arrived very quickly. I use the SG2 for my deskwork. It is amazing and equally comfortable! I compared two finished comic pages (one drawn while wearing the SG2, one without) and the difference is amazing; no comparison whatsoever! I highly recommend the SG2 for sketching, inking, and tablet use, and I also recommend the SmudgeGuard® website and the fantastic people who run it. Go ahead and add a SmudgeGuard® to your art tool-box – you’ll never be able to go back!"

- Katy Engel - Artist at http://nemu-saa.deviantart.com/


"SmudgeGuard® is an amazingly simple concept but one I really can't live without in terms of use with my Cintiq 12WX. As well as smudge avoidance, it allows my hand to smoothly navigate rather than jumping due to the surface. This is an absolute must because apart from the annoyance, it stops you from wasting time constantly to re-draw things. Thank you for an amazing product!"

- Tamer Shafik


Courtesy of Matt Kaufenberg - Digital Artist - Featured his testimonial of SmudgeGuard® at http://skutterfly.deviantart.com/journal/21019858/


"The SmudgeGuard® I bought works wonderfully. I've got a Cintiq 12WX that is a lot easier to use (no smudges to clean up and smoother movement thanks to friction reduction) thanks to your little invention."

- Mike Thompson


"Hi Jeannie, I just had my first opportunity to use my new SmudgeGuard® with my Wacom Tablet. Wow! The difference between creating with the SmudgeGuard® on and with it off is huge. With the SmudgeGuard® on, there is absolutely NO drag on the screen. My hand glides smoothly, allowing me to draw and shade more quickly, and with far fewer mistakes. Without the SmudgeGuard®, my hand has much more drag. My lines end up “jumpy” and I am forced to re-work them… You’ve instantly improved both the quality of my work and my productivity. I should probably send you a commission check for that! I also have to compliment you on your excellent customer service. Such attentive and responsive customer service is rare these days. Pair that with your outstanding product and you have a truly winning combination! Thank you for such a great product!"

- Rand Babcock of Seattle, WA


"After a few weeks of using the SG, I love it! It makes using the tablet so much easier. I also have a hard surface mouse pad, so it even helps with mouse movement (as I tend to drag my finger along the pad). That was an unexpected bonus. Overall, I think it is such a great and simple product that makes a world of difference when using a Wacom tablet. I remember wishing a few years ago that there was some product out there that would keep my hand from sticking to my tablet. At the time I would just cover the tablet with a sheet of paper, which helped reduce friction, but was awkward and hindered accuracy. Anyway thank you for making this product and for the fast shipping and also for taking interest in your customers' satisfaction."

- John Lewis of Anaheim, CA


"Jeannie, I just wanted to touch base with you again to tell you that I LOVE the GLOVE. I finally got my modBook, the two make a fabulous pair. I now use it with my Cintiq too. When I'm not wearing it, my drawing and work suffers. I'm thinking I may have to order another just cuz the black is so predictable. Now I may need something flashier! Great product."

- Susan Murtaugh of Two Rivers, WI


"I have received the product in a shorter time than I thought. It is perfect and it suits my needs. I recently bought the Cintiq 12 WX Wacom tablet and your item was surely the missing part of it (particulary in summer with this warm screen). I really want to thank you for the professional way you managed my order in the speed and most of all, in the communication. It brings a secure feeling for a customer buying online when he has the opportunity to have a true contact with a "human being" rather than an automatic generated email. Thanks again."

- Pascal Gaggelli - Illustrator/Graphic designer (Italy) at www.arteactive.com


"I've given the glove a good workout...my analysis? I can't imagine being without it! The SmudgeGuard® is absolutely fantastic in so many ways...not only while using the Cintiq but I purchased an extra SmudgeGuard® for sketching too and it works flawlessly. The SmudgeGuard® acts as a barrier between my hand and the paper/Cintiq cutting out the friction, allowing my hand to make strokes or lines that are more natural in a near effortless manner. It's marvelous and I thank you for inventing it. The SmudgeGuard® is, at the risk of sounding trite, awesome! Stupendous! Have you ever contacted Wacom about your invention? The SmudgeGuard® actually makes their product more enjoyable to me. I used the Cintiq with and without the SmudgeGuard® and I refuse to go "commando" while using the Cintiq. It's the SmudgeGuard® or nothing! While sketching my thumbnails the SmudgeGuard® keeps my hand clean and free of lead as well as keeping my paper smudge-free. I could go on and on about this great product! I'm ordering two more simply to have them around. Thank you again Jeannie for your great invention!"

- Shawn Noel of Louisville, KY


"We wrote up our SmudgeGuard® testimonials on our site - please feel free to click on our link!"

- Audra "Kitsy" Furuichi and Scott Yoshinaga (KS) - Comic Creators of the 'nemu*nemu' comic strip at www.nemu-nemu.com


"It’s been over a month since I and a fellow student here at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit have been using your SmudgeGuards with our Wacom Cintiq tablets. What a difference! No more getting messed up lines as the pen nib drags across the inevitable grease residue left on the screen. Not only does the screen stay cleaner and more visible but your hand just glides over the surface resulting in cleaner art as well. We wouldn’t consider drawing on the Cintiq without our SmudgeGuards. Period. And it is great for pencil drawings as well of course! Thanks again."

- MJ of Farmington Hills, MI


"This glove is bliss! As a left-handed artist, I always struggled with smudges on my drawings, it was really frustrating. But after trying the SmudgeGuard®, the smudging doesn't happen anymore. I also own an Intuos 3 tablet, and I used to have problems with drag and stickyness, once the session had been going for a while. I tried everything, but only the SmudgeGuard® was effective in making these problems go away. My tracing improved considerably once I started using the SmudgeGuard®, because now, the hand glides effortlessly on the tablet surface, with no friction whatsoever.

Jeannie was also very helpful in the ordering process, and I got my glove very quickly. I'm glad I ordered the SmudgeGuard®. This little item is already making a huge difference in my art, that's for sure. Obrigado Jeannie!"

- João Q. of Lisboa, Portugal


"I received my SmudgeGuards about two weeks ago, and I've been enjoying the pleasant experience while using them ever since. You see, I have very sweaty hands and they always wet any paper that I put my hands on. The worst was when I got my new tablet laptop and the sweat on my hands, made it feel so uncomfortable on top of the glass-like glossy screen that I didn't want to put my hands on the screen anymore. Thus, I searched the internet for some protective screen coating to solve this problem, but instead found SmudgeGuard®. They add a smooth and protective layer between my sweaty hand and the tablet screen making any movement smooth and easy. Although SmudgeGuard's do not absorb all the sweat, they really make writing and drawing easy and enjoyable for me. Now I use them whenever I write or use my tablet. I would recommend this fine product to anyone that has sweaty hands or simply owns a tablet PC. It is not only good but also essential!"

- Zefei Xuan of Ontario, Canada


"Hi, Jeannie, I've given your SmudgeGuard® a workout, and am very very happy with it! It keeps my hand moving smoothly on the Wacom tablet, no stress or friction, and in the summer, esp, is a godsend. Thanks for such a great invention. I'll be back when this one falls apart...in the far distant future. All my best wishes."

- Marsha Winborn - Illustrator at http://marshawinborn.com


"I just wanted to say, I have had my SmudgeGuard® for a couple of weeks now and I hardly take it off. I love this product. It makes a world of difference!"

- Travis Southerland - Photographer/Graphic Designer


"I've received my glove last week, but I received my Cintiq just friday. So, here's my comment, the only comment necessary: AWESOME! Well, yeah, the cintiq is awesome, but the glove is too! :) Actually, I tried it without the glove, but couldn't bear it within minutes. The hand keeps on sticking on the surface. I didn't even try to draw, because navigating in the menus was already a pain. I'm sure it's possible, but it was money well invested! I'm really happy about it and plan on spreading the news about this product. Really. Thanks for creating such a nice tool!"

- Maxime Viventi - Animator of Quebec, Canada


"I was pleasantly surprised that SmudgeGuard® worked so well. It's easy to put on and once on, it helps to give my hand a more natural glide over the tablet surface. When writing or drawing on paper, my hand doesn't usually stick to the paper. However, with a screen, the sweat builds up and I "stick" to the screen as I am drawing or writing. It can produce some very undesirable results. With the SmudgeGuard®, I am able to write and draw with fluid motions. While I love how inexpensive it is, honestly the best part is the care and concern that goes into the product overall. Being a customer service kind of guy by trade I tend to notice good and bad customer service. When I ordered the SmudgeGuard®, I received an email right away thanking me for my order and then a few days later I received the SmudgeGuard® with a handwritten letter thanking me again. It wasn't a one or two line blurb, it was a letter. I appreciate that someone took their time to do that and only makes me like the product more."

- Justin Gilbert - Photographer/Graphic Designer


"Hey Jeannie, got my SmudgeGuard® last week. I've gotten some time to try it out and it didn't take long for me to absolutely love it (especially when making wide sweeping lines on my Wacom - which my hand used to get hung up on before). Needless to say, I've even been wearing it to classes for those few times when fellow classmates asked, "What are you wearing?"
and I replied, "This? This is my SmudgeGuard®... you ever draw in pencil and get lead all over the bottom of your hand or have problems drawing on your Wacom tablet?"
"Yeah, exactly. I did too.... this prevents that."
"That's awesome!"
"I know! If you get one, tell Jeannie 'John Keppel' sent you."

Once again, thanks for everything, especially for making my drawing life easier!"

- John Keppel of Rochester, NY


"I'm a leftie, a traditional and digital artist. My hands also have a tendency to sweat so I'm extremely grateful for the SmudgeGuard® as it helps in all of these areas - whether it's sketching thumbnails on paper or animating on my tablet pc. I ordered a couple of them over a month ago and have been using and appreciating them since. I was also impressed by the immediate shipping and personalized hand-written note from the creator herself. There's not much more I can add to the testimonies already given but I can certainly tip my hat to Jeannie for seeing a need and creating a wonderful product. Well done!"

- Keith Osborn - Animator, Artist and Instructor at www.keithosborn.com


"I wanted to thank you for coming up with this great product. I am at my Wacom all day long and the SmudgeGuard® has made it easier for me to get my work done without my hand sticking to the tablet. The quality of the the SmudgeGuard® is flawless and I forget that I am wearing it almost immediately. Thanks so much."

- Kyle Kane - Entertainment Artist and College Instructor in southern California:
The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, and The Laguna College of Art and Design in Laguna Beach


"Many months ago, I bought SmudgeGuard® for drawing. But a few weeks back, I started using it with my Wacom tablet instead. Today, I always use my SmudgeGuard® with my Wacom. I'm not sure if you are clear about the reason for this, but I will explain...
Unlike a PC tablet, a Wacom looks like a gray sheet of thick plastic. It's not a screen at all. The Wacom pen has a pressure sensitive tip with over a 1000 levels of pressure sensitivity. Since there is no screen, there is no problem with smudges, but there is some friction. This friction becomes a bummer. The plastic begins to resist hand movement. Wacom can't make the plastic super slick, because the pen would slide all over the place. Sort of like writing on glass. So my hand slides easily when wearing your nylon glove and the pen keeps it's grip on the tablet. So SmudgeGuard® is great for Wacom users too!"

- Jeff of Birmingham, MI


"My SmudgeGuards have arrived safe and sound. Thank you so much for the fast and friendly service. They are so comfy to wear I had no hesitation in throwing out my stinky old sock prototypes (which I used for the constant rubbing and chaffing problem I got from the tablet). I even told my fellow animators at www.animaxinteractive.com all about your product, so those that don't already know about you, do now. Thanks again, and I may order more in the future. One for every day of the week! ha ha. All the best and keep up the good work."

- Chris Kennett of Australia - Freelance Cartoonist and Animator


"I've just received my SmudgeGuards in cool 'Ninja' black, and this is one happy Limey cartoonist! They're already like a 2nd-skin when I'm drawing. Two days ago, I drew a strip (for your very own esteemed Maxim US actually) and I REALLY noticed the difference when drawing whilst wearing the glove. This is one of those products that you have to ask yourself "how did I manage so long without it?". Well, 16 years is the answer. I do recall a few years back during a particularly hot British summer (we don't get many) having to explain why I was wearing a cut-out sock on my sweaty hand whilst drawing. Hey, maybe I preempted the SmudgeGuard®? Is it too late to get my patent in? LOL
Brilliant as it is when it comes to drawing, the SmudgeGuard® is a God-send when it comes to using a graphics tablet! Before, I always found my hand 'sticking' to the Wacom tablet, which is a nightmare when you're trying to draw using the pen, but now my hand literally glides across the surface. If I were an Octopus, I'd buy more SmudgeGuards. But I'm not. But the thought was there."



"I recently purchased a Wacom Cintiq and I'm also left-handed so it seemed like an absolute must-have. Well, I got the SG, it works great! P.S. Great customer service - I'm used to the automated e-mails so its nice to hear from a real person when buying something online."

- Jason Boisvert - Flash Artist and Animator


"I really felt I needed something to get rid of the friction while I was drawing with my Wacom tablet, so I did a quick Google search and found your site. The gloves are very well made and the friction won't bother you anymore when using your Wacom tablet. Highly recommended accessory for Wacom users!"

- Daniel Hillergren (University Student) of Sweden


"While dedicating my free time to my analog and digital training and also learning how to use my Wacom tablet, I always had problems with smudging and friction. My hand would stick, causing a lot of friction on the surface of the Wacom tablet. But now, after using the SmudgeGuard®, I've found that it really helps a lot with "smoothing" out the movement and flow of my hand on the surface of the tablet. So thank you very much for this fine product. I am a very very satisfied customer :)."

- John Crowcroft of Hong Kong


"I bought my 15 year old niece the Wacom Cintiq 21UX for Christmas and just got the SmudgeGuard® glove. She loves it. We have been looking for a glove to use, and this is perfect. Thank you for putting out a really useful and awesome product!!! Highly recommended!!!"

- Greg B. of Camarillo, CA.


"Your SmudgeGuard® has already arrived here in Scotland, UK! I've tested it out on a piece of paper on which I'd scribbled with lots of 2B pencil. I rubbed my hand on it, then on a clean sheet of paper to see if this would create any smudges. With my bare hand, smudges, of course. But with SmudgeGuard®, no smudge, the paper stayed clean, even though the SmudgeGuard® had grey marks on it. Experiment nicely successful! I am soon to illustrate a one-off book: several pages of drawings straight onto the page and no chance of digitally correcting anything, so I'll definitely use SG for that."

- Moira Munro - Children's Book Author and Illustrator


"My May comic will be the first I've drawn wearing the SmudgeGuard®. Since my studio gets fairly hot in the summertime, and my hands sweat a bit, it becomes more difficult to move smoothly across the page as they would when it's cool. It's a small difference, but SmudgeGuard® helps with that too. I've just ordered a couple more since I'm a happy customer! Thanks!"

- Montgomery Kane - Illustrator and Comic Creator at www.planetsaturday.com


"I first saw the SmudgeGuard® mentioned on the internet a few months ago and thought I’d give it a try. The price was right, and I was getting really sick of using a paper mask to keep from smudging my drawings as I worked. (The fact that I’m left-handed only made things worse.) Now, having used the SmudgeGuard® for a number of projects, I can say that I really like it. It’s well made, comfortable, can be switched to the left or right-hand, and does a great job of keeping my drawings clean. Plus, I look super-cool when I wear it. Recommended!"

- Matthew McElligott - Illustrator and Author of Children's Books at www.mattmcelligott.com


"The SmudgeGuard® is *Perfect!* Works just like a charm! Thanks again for your kindness and hospitality."

- Jacob Kelley - Artist at http://jaken81.deviantart.com/


"I really love using the SmudgeGuard®! It's been a great help for improving the use of my tablet, since my hand can easily glide over the surface now. And because of the special shape of the SmudgeGuard®, I can still hold my pencil and pen properly while wearing the glove, which is great.
At first, I was a bit afraid that the XS glove would be too tight. When I started using the SmudgeGuard®, it was a little hard to stretch my hand to control my computer mouse while wearing the SmudgeGuard®. (I often interrupt drawing with my tablet by browsing on the internet, which I prefer to do with my mouse.) But since the fabric is elastic, it gradually took on the shape of my hand within 10 days or so. It's very comfortable and I can easily stretch my hand now. It isn't too tight at all. In short, I'm very satisfied about my purchase. And the service too. :)"

- Sindy M. of The Netherlands


"Hi Jeannie,
You'll be glad to know that you have another satisfied customer to add to your list. =)

- Sheila Berman of Australia


"I got a small burgundy SmudgeGuard® for Christmas after discovering it somewhat randomly while searching for something else, and it's been fantastic! I'm a writer working towards publication in fiction (I've been published in a variety of non-fiction and academic areas) and found that my most creative work comes from writing longhand. These spurts of inspiration can last for hours at a time, but unfortunately, the skin on my right hand doesn't have the same level of endurance. I used to have to wrap my pinky, knuckle, and sometimes down the side of my hand with Band-aids or tape (Scotch or duct), or whatever was handy, because the movement of my hand across the smooth paper was rubbing the skin raw. The SmudgeGuard® has completely solved this problem. My hand's no longer red and sore after a long writing session, and it's fashionable! The SmudgeGuard® is great, and I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys writing. Thanks again for inventing and marketing this! It's seriously solved this huge problem for me that I just thought I'd have to deal with. I'm thinking about getting a second one just to walk around with and look cool. ;) "

- Wendy Clark of Enumclaw, WA - Writer


"Just got the SmudgeGuard® and I love it. Being a design student and freelance graphic artist I do a lot of doodling and now I won't have to go back in and clean up the smudges. Thanks for saving me a lot of time! :) Keep up the great work and I'll spread the word!"

- Rita Portney of Los Angeles, CA - Professional Doodler.


"I got the SG and tried it out with several media. I used pencil, permanent black ink, and ballpoint pen (on glossy paper - one of the worst smudge combos!). Wearing the glove took a bit of getting used to, but it didn't interfere with my writing or drawing at all. With the pencil trial, I used an extra soft lead (9B). There was almost no smudging on the paper, and very little pencil on the glove, even though I pressed hard on the pencil and dragged my hand over the paper. With the permanent ink, again, there was just a tiny bit of smearing on the paper in a couple of spots (I was deliberately going over the wet ink - not at all how I work when I'm working on a drawing), and was surprised at how little smearing there was. The ballpoint ink on the glossy paper (a letter written in a blank greeting card) had no smearing at all! I have to say, I think the SG glove is wonderful and I'll use it often. Thanks for such a great product."

- Nancy - Artist (I'd be happy to answer questions, if anyone has any. My email address can be provided by Jeannie upon request.)


"Oh it's so great!!! I can wear it when I am drawing or evolve it into a wristlet. As I saw them (I bought two) for the first time, I posted about SmudgeGuard® to our drawing forum because it is so great :) THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! By the way, if some other german-people would like to buy it from you, their English may be worse than mine, maybe they can ask me :). Just if it is needed ^^". I am so happy with it, so other people should also be happy like me :D. The customer support by Jeannie is totally kind and great and also quick and uncomplicated."
Here's the German translation from Marijana: "Es ist so genial! Ich kann es wärend des Zeichnens tragen oder es zu einem Armband umkrämpeln. Als ich sie (ich kaufte zwei) zumerstenmal sah, musste ich direkt in unser Forum über "SmudgeGuard" posten, weil es einfach zu genial ist :) VIELEN HERZLICHEN DANK!!! Nebenbei, falls noch andere deutsch-sprachige Leute "SmudgeGuard" bei dir kaufen wollen, und ihr Englisch schlechter als meines ist, können sie mich fragen :). Falls es von nöten sein sollte ^^". Ich bin so glücklich damit, dass es andere auch sein sollen Der Support durch Jeannie ist total freundlichtt und großartig so wie sehr schnell und unkompliziert."

- Marijana Pereglin of Germany


"Thank you so much for the extremely quick shipping of my SmudgeGuard®. I read an article about you and your product some time ago in the Star Ledger, and filed the information away until needed. My two daughters, age 4 1/2 yrs and 7 1/2 yrs old, are both lefthanded. My husband and I are righthanded. My older daughter just finished 1st grade, and she complained about the pencil smudges on her paper. I hoped that this would solve her problem, and in the few days we've had the SmudgeGuard®, she feels that it is definitely helping! Of course, now her little sister wants her own, so I'll be ordering another very soon! Again, thanks a lot!"

- Darcy Kornitas of Metuchen, NJ


"I received my Rich Burgundy SmudgeGuard® (I just love the name "Rich Burgundy" for some reason) and I really do love the product! It was wonderful to use! I particularly like the way it's so easy to take the finger part off temporarily and tuck it in the wristband while you do other things, and then quickly put it back into place when it's time to ink again. I used to have my own mail order business that involved sewing a lot of spandex, and so I really can appreciate the nice packaging and personalized service you've provided. I'm amazed at what a quality, well-made product it is, too! Your SmudgeGuard® is sewn incredibly well, with good tight seams. I have the materials to make something like this, but would never try it myself--I could never get that sort of precision on my stitching when I used to sew spandex to make wrestler costumes. Spandex is such a "slippy" fabric, it can just be so frustrating! So I’m quite impressed since I know just how difficult it can be. Also, thanks for making the exchange so easy! That is some good customer service and is much appreciated!"

- Ted Hobgood of Carrboro, NC


"Thanks for inventing the product! I am glad to help and support you. I found your site by accident when I was doing a search for smudges on notebook screens. I started to read your website and was excited about it. I remembered going through school and always having ink and pencil marks on my left hand so I decided to buy one. When I received it, I thought about my left handed friend and bought one for him as well. I wish you luck. I think it's a great product! Thanks!"

- Carmelo Uria of Boise, ID


"I received mine the same week I ordered it. I was surprised at how fast it arrived! I'm going to do my best to pass on your product and web address. This product is LONG overdue! Thin, comfortable, and my hand doesn't get sweaty. Excellent product! A personal thank you to another lefty who sees our struggles and went out of your way to make a difference!!"

- Aaron Wittenberg of Aloha, OR


"I wanted to thank you again for making such a wonderful product. My son (left-handed), has been using the SmudgeGuard® since I purchased it for him for Christmas. My daughter is right-handed and she uses it when she does oil pastels on canvas. My son has a invention convention poster due and you and your invention are the perfect product! We believe it will be easy to persuade others since we love the product so much ourselves. I hope our finished poster does your product justice! (I hope you don't mind). I also want to thank you for the personal note you sent to me, when I ordered. It's nice to know that people still take the time to do that! I will continue to brag about and promote your wonderful product! May your business prosper! Thank you again."

- Vickie Kratins of North Brunswick, NJ


"My daughter has always had trouble with a dirty left hand. I was substitute teaching this year and saw a boy in the 4th grade with a SmudgeGuard® on. I asked him where he got it and he gave me your website. I ordered one that night for my daughter. Allison is so excited to wear it and it has avoided dirty hands. She said it is very comfortable and she likes to wear it. Thank you for making a product like this. I am going to forward your website to my older brother who is left handed. I also told the art teacher at our school about the neat idea. Thanks again."

- Millie Rose of Saint Joseph, IL


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