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Hi! I'm Jeannie Lit

Jeannie Lit (Inventor)

  • If you have a YouTube video showcasing your beautiful artwork along with the SmudgeGuard®, please let us know! We would LOVE to showcase your video here too!

  • We would also LOVE to see (and post) pictures of all our cool customers wearing the SmudgeGuard®! So if you're interested, please send it ON over! =) E-mail us!


Below, are some pictures, testimonials and YouTube videos from some of our VERY kind, supportive and creative customers! :)


Here is a video titled, "Drawing Ulquiorra Cifer On The Wacom Cintiq 21ux" - which showcases the SmudgeGuard2 glove! The video is made by artist - TheHBExperience





Here are two videos titled, "Dark Phoenix (faux animation cell card" & "Drawing Misa Amane from Death Note" - which showcases the SmudgeGuard® gloves! =) The videos are made by artist - Jeremy Treece of





Here are two videos titled, "First Project" & "Project 3"- which showcases the SmudgeGuard2 glove! =) The video is made by artist - Crash Jimenez





Here's a video titled, "(34) PSC: The Silhouette Sketch Card (pencil/ink/color)" - which showcases the SmudgeGuard2 (SG2) glove in the inking stage! =) The video is made by artist - Nicole Goff of Reston, VA





"I really enjoy the SmudgeGuard®, and I use it every time I need to draw now. It's really good and really useful! I'm fully satisfied with it, and I'll recommend it to any of my drawing colleagues. Please feel free to see me using it in my latest drawing video titled, "Speed Drawing - Leonardo Di Caprio (Inception)"- Samonac





"Here's a video I created, putting the great SmudgeGuard® into action, while making my own comic book as a hobby." - Marco Martins of Portugal - Designer





Here's a video titled, "Smudge Guard for Wacom Users" - a review of the SmudgeGuard® glove. =) The video is made by Reid Southen of





Here's a video titled, "Cintiq 24HD Review" - which featured the SmudgeGuard® glove. =) The video is made by Reid Southen of





Here's a video titled, "SpeedPainting BullzArtDesign Perform with SmudgeGuard®". This video is made by an Independent Artist (who is also the artist for the famous magazine, PSD Magazine) - Mordin Franck of Biarritz in France at





"Here's my review of the Wacom Cintiq 12WX along with my comments about the SmudgeGuard®." - Brandon Robinson of Garfield, NJ





"I absolutely LOVE my SmudgeGuard®. My hand glides across my tablet perfectly, no more messed up lines and constantly having to undo/redo my brush strokes. ;) That used to be such a big problem, even with my past tablets, but with my Cintiq, not only does it help reduce the friction, but it stops nasty smudges across the screen when I'm drawing, so less cleaning it too. Here's a video I made of Inking/Coloring/Shading someone else's sketch." - Zac R. of Canada





Here's a video titled, "Shane Dawson Speed Drawing" - which showcases the SmudgeGuard® glove! =) The video is made by artist - Danica Franck of Germany





Tip #47 NO MORE OILY SMUDGES Jeannie Lit

LAYERS MAGAZINE produced a helpful booklet for Wacom users titled, "101 WACOM TIPS", where it was distributed at the Photoshop Convention in Las Vegas. One of my customers named Ken Hoard, was kind enough to mail me his copy and told me tip #47 mentioned the SmudgeGuard®. Needless to say, I was very ecstatic! Ken, thanks for sending the booklet to me! I really appreciate it! =)...Jeannie Lit



Taylor Sterling

"Hi Jeannie, I have been a SmudgeGuard user for the past 7 years and I can't imagine working without it. Above is a picture of me using it which is also on the front page of my website Thanks for the great product."

- Taylor Sterling - Artist at



Cesar Ivan Rosas

"When I'm busy spilling my imagination at a drawing table, 9 times out of 10 my weapon of choice is a pencil.

The process of creating a page can get so ripe with enthusiasm that you often overlook the mechanics of your drawing hand and unknowingly rub the surface of the paper, it can prove calamitous, before you know it there's a good chance things have become crudely gray.

It's a real nuisance, particularly if you are working in fine details and especially if you use a soft lead, requiring clean-up that will cost you invaluable drawing time. Typically my remedy for that hazard was to place a small piece of paper under my hand, a practice I reluctantly had to cope with, I never enjoyed obscuring part of my artwork, I very much prefer to have any work-in-progress in full view for a number or reasons: composition, design, symmetry, etc.

I became aware of the Smudgeguard through Jonathan Glapion, who was inking Batman at the time, it's prominently featured in his Youtube videos and as soon as I saw it I grew increasingly desirous to obtain one for myself.

Am I glad that I did.

The Smudgeguard eradicates any danger of accidental smudging, I can move my hand around with the utmost confidence and erase only when I want to. Investing in the right tools for your projects can really make a difference and the SG has made my time at the drawing table a bit more unencumbered and hassle-free, making the process less taxing and easier to enjoy. Within the 1st day of using it any and all social media at my grasp from Deviantart to Facebook knew about my purchase, I was overjoyed with the results. Thank you Jeannie for creating my new favorite tool in my artistic arsenal, and for your exemplary customer service, I couldn't be more satisfied.

- Cesar Ivan Rosas - Artist




Frank Robyn-Fuhrmeister

"Hi Jeannie, I'm still using and recommending your great SmudgeGuard 2. See my two pics!:) I love how I always forget that I'm wearing it. I found myself accidentally wearing the glove several times in public because I forgot about it. It is also quick drying after washing and ready to use again overnight. I just don't feel comfortable and complete when I'm not wearing the glove and working on the Cintiq. It just doesn't feel right."

Frank Robyn-Fuhrmeister

- Frank Robyn-Fuhrmeister of Germany at




Marco Martins

"Merry Christmas!"

- Marco Martins of Portugal





Kurt Gangluff

"This image is to thank you for such a wonderful product. As a Wacom tablet user with a screen protector, one of the most frustrating challenges is creating smooth lines. Previously I was reduced to using tissue paper, eye-glass lens cleaners, thin napkins, whatever would allow my hand to travel freely across my tablet. I just happened to stumble upon your product and I’m so glad that I did. The Smudgeguard not only assists in my range of motion, but it’s also comfortable to wear, it breathes so it’s actually cooling to my hand and can be folded to store in a small compartment in my carry case. (Not to mention it’s an attention getter!) I’ve been telling everyone that I know about your product from my website to twitter and instagram; I plan on ordering several more as backups for the office as well as home. You’ve really changed the way that I create. Thank you again and I wish you absolutely the best of success with your phenomenal product."

- Kurt Gangluff




Roderick Franklin

"I think the SmudgeGuard2 is the essential glove for Wacom Cintiq users, and it totally rocks for the simple fact that it does what its supposed to do (really well)! This thing is built for function and comfort, I've never felt as if it was in the way, its just that helpful. I've had my Cintiq for awhile now, and I've never used it without my glove.

I actually purchased them around the same time, and they arrived on the same day, BUT if my tablet came before the glove, I would've waited until it came (I prefer to prolong the life of my investments). Wearing the glove allows for a smooth glide across the screen because your hand and the tablet pen are not being caught up by build up from a smudge fest. You don't have to clean your tablet's screen as often if there is no reason to, and that definitely increases production time, while decreasing the frustration of having to clean the screen every other day.

Thank you for creating this innovative product Jeannie, I love it and I've worked on nearly all of my Baby Fu Clothing Co.© designs since purchasing it, not to mention concept art, illustrations, etc. If anyone is looking for a reason to get a SmudgeGuard®, the reason is simple, spare yourself the smudge fest (traditional and digital artist alike)."

- Roderick A. Franklin, Owner of SDGT Studio



Teymur Hasanov

"Got my SG2 glove! Not today, but a few days ago. It took about 15 days and they passed quickly, and this is my first international (non-digital) thing I've bought! :) I wanna say "Thanks!" for your quick responses, for providing information and of course - creating this amazing glove. It now glides smoothly and I have no more sticky hands ^^ And because drawing is my hobby, I'm sending you "thanks" in picture form. Nothing serious :) Just wanted to show how I love your product. Good luck to you and your business!"

- Teymur Hasanov of Azerbaijan Republic



Jessica Torre

"Hi this is Jess from Tzess Von Art | Art Of Jess, My main work is high quality handmade drawings. My work demands long hours of details, and many layers of pencils. Recently, I was looking for a light glove to avoid smudges and friction and came across SmudgeGuard®. I read all the reviews so I decided to give it a try. When I ordered, I noticed that my address was wrong so I immediately contacted SmudgeGuard® to make the change and I got my response back in less than 3 minutes, which was just amazing as it was an urgent matter. The glove suits me perfectly and the size was just right (thankfully.. SmudgeGuard® had a metric chart). Even after wearing it for many hours, the glove never felt sweaty neither uncomfortable. It is lightweight, soft to touch and to wear, and you don't feel it when you're working. Seams are comfortable too. Now, I won't draw without wearing it. I give it an extra point too for helping my thin wrists, (often my carpals (bones) can be impacted or rubbed against the working table). Now, with the SmudgeGuard®, that doesn't happen anymore. I feel my wrists touching the soft material instead. When I washed the glove, the color of the glove stayed; which means great quality when nylon is being treated and colored. The Verdict: SmudgeGuard® makes high quality products. In all ways possible, the gloves are the best choice for any artist who wants to avoid smudges, friction, and more..."

- Jess from Tzess Von Art / Art of Jess



Mauricio Oliveira Mauricio Oliveira

"Since I got my Intuos 4 tablet, everything went great... until the surface started becoming sticky when my hands started sweating. This was a huge problem, especially when your tablet is really big. When I found the SmudgeGuard®, I knew this little glove was the answer to my problem. And it was indeed! With the SmudgeGuard®, all of my illustration work became easier and the quality itself improved. Now my hand has no more friction with the tablet surface. It's truly one of the best investments that one digital or traditional artist can do! I couldn't be more happier with the SmudgeGuard2 (SG2). Here are two pictures of myself using the SG2 in my office. This little glove is truly incredible!"

- Mauricio C. Oliveira - Digital Illustrator of Brazil



Sylvain Gautier's Poster Ad for SmudgeGuard®

"Congratulations for this brilliant idea, a new age of creativity is coming for me!"

- Sylvain Gautier of France





"This drawing came to life because of your simple yet genius glove."

- Emmanuel of Seguin, TX




Christopher Richards

"I got the original SmudgeGuard®, seeing as how it was a big improvement on my hand motions and sliding across the tablet screen. Before, my hand was always touching the Cintiq's screen. It would get all hot and sweaty, I'd even try to put on gloves. That didn't work at all! But one day, when I was browsing the web, I stumbled upon SmudgeGuard®. I bought it, and surprisingly, it was comfy, light, and smooth. Perfect for my digital and traditional work. Then came back to the site a week later to find out she had a new glove the SmudgeGuard2 (SG2)! Being a fan of the original SmudgeGuard®, I just couldn't resist buying the two-fingered glove. Ever since, my lines have been ever so smooth and smudge less. I'd just like to thank Jeannie for making the sleek and smooth glove for all artists!"

- Christopher Richards of Xaramic Studios



Diana Mezzina

"After losing my first SmudgeGuard® I was in distress: working on a tablet with a bare hand was out of the question, especially in warmer climate nowadays, so I was frustrated and unproductive for a week. I ordered a new one right away, the SG2 this time since I also wanted to try something new. I received it Friday, and man... Oh man! It is quite awesome. You see, when you write/draw/work on a tablet you use at least a finger for support, the pinky, but I use two. Maybe I put too much slack on the wrist, but who cares? I got both my pinky AND my ring finger protected now. Or the other way around: my tablet is protected from the friction of those two supporting fingers. So I can draw smoothly and more comfortably than ever. Picture above: A typical way of how I use my (small) Wacom Intuos4. I wear a size S of the SmudgeGuard®, it fits nice and snug and it's very breathable. You can almost see the wear of the tablet surface by judging the reflection of my hand on it. That's not supposed to happen if it's in pristine condition but having such a slick surface only causes skin to sweat and produce oil on it. I'm sure you understand now why using the SmudgeGuard is needed to prevent all that mess. If you use a tablet, buy a SmudgeGuard®! You will not regret it."

- Diana Mezzina - Artist at



Eric Lee's Comic Strip

"Gloved Ones...
The truth is, you can get one HERE… And I LOVE mine. I highly recommend it- even for artists using paper (as opposed to drawing on a tablet or screen)."

- Eric Lee - Artist



Dave Thomas' Comic Strip

"Hand Thong!.
If you read today's comic, you'll notice I mentioned Betty White and low and behold she was in a SuperBowl commercial 2/7/10! Coincidence? Yes! I did the comic Friday and she shows up on TV Sunday! I could have chosen any of the "Golden Girls" but I chose her, mainly because she's a smoken hottie! Anyways, to the topic at "hand". You're probably scratching your head asking "What the heck is a Hand Thong?" Well a hand thong, or it's commercial name the SmudgeGuard®, is worn to protect your art or screen from smudging. I was introduced to this "handy" item by my friend and fellow "comic stripper"(my name for a comic strip artist) Eric Lee, of Boodachitaville, in 2008! He actually gave me one for my birthday that same year and I have not lost it yet. It is one of the single greatest inventions of our day. Who would of thought a pinky glove would be so amazing! If you draw on a tablet screen, this is an ideal thing to have. It keeps oils from your skin from touching your screen, plus it's a great conversation piece! Nothing looks more classy then when you're holding your pinky out while wearing one of these beauties, holding a virgin margarita!"

- David Thomas - Artist



Olivier Duong's Poster Ad for SmudgeGuard®

- Olivier Duong of Uniondale, NY was kind enough to create a poster ad for the SmudgeGuard®! :)



Charles of Brazil Charles of Brazil Charles of Brazil

- Pictures Courtesy of Charles of Caan Studio of Brazil at



Daniel Lienhard Daniel Lienhard

"I'm happy having found your great SmudgeGuards®, I use them every day!"

- Daniel Lienhard of Switzerland



Seng Hou of Malaysia Seng Hou of Malaysia

The title of this painting is called "Oh Yeah!". This painting represents what I feel when I'm using SmudgeGuard®! I drew myself wearing the SmudgeGuard® and making an artwork, and talking to myself: "Oh Yeah! It's COOL! I'm crazy about it!"

- Seng Hou Wong of Malaysia at



Martin Lauritsen Martin Lauritsen

"I received my SmudgeGuard® and I'm amazed at how good it really is. My hand just flies across the screen now. Amazing! Just amazing! Once again, thank you for your fantastic product and the best customer service in the world! :-)"

- Martin Lauritsen of Denmark



Charles Jones

"I'm using the SmudgeGuard® every time I use my Cintiq. It's really handy!"

- Charles Jones - Web Developer at



Evangeline Neo

- Picture Courtesy of Evangeline Neo - Artist



Nicolas Reiser Nicolas Reiser Nicolas Reiser

"Wow, I’m really surprised the shipment was delivered 3 days after purchasing. My first positive experience with a national shipment from the U.S. to Germany. And the SmudgeGuard®? Perfect, especially on hot summer hand slides smoothly over my Wacom Intous."

- Nicolas Reiser of Germany



YdAo YdAo

"It's a pleasure to tell you that I have completely adopted SG! After a long period of testing, it's a really cool tool which allows me to draw curves smoothly when I use brushes for inking. Not only does it work very well in avoiding pencil smudges but my hand doesn't stick on the paper like before : I love it! Here are some photos during the inking process. :)"

- Steeven Labeau of France at



Patrice Khal

"I was very pleased to use my new Wacom Cintiq but tired of sweat on the glass of the LCD… With SmudgeGuard®, no more problem! It’s excellent, perfect to work on this fabulous material with SmudgeGuard® which permits to slide on the Cintiq without a trace! I love SOOO much my work! ^^"

- Patrice Khal of France



Gilles of France

"SmudgeGuard® is a perfect tool to work with the Cintiq pen tablet! Thank you for the simple but perfectly fitting idea!"

- Gilles of France



Mike Warren

"I finally got a chance to set up the Cintiq and try out your glove. Works great! ha-your SG-Glove fits like a glove! :)"

- Mike Warren



Nathan Shields Nathan Shields

"I’ve been using my SmudgeGuard® for a couple months now, and I absolutely love it! My hand no longer sticks to my Intuos and I can relax knowing I don’t have to pull my hand up every two seconds. I use the SmudgeGuard® for traditional sketching as well, and it saves me from having to wash my hands to get off the graphite and ink! I recommend SmudgeGuard® to any artist who’ll listen to me!"

- Nathan Shields - Artist at


Jason Kruse of Peabody, MA Jason Kruse of Peabody, MA

"I'm a cartoonist and a lefty so when I read about the SmudgeGuard®, I figured it would be perfect for me as I've been a smudge-magnet since birth. Anything that can cut down on the smudges on my hand and paper is a welcome invention! So I just thought I'd send you a letter to say the SmudgeGuard® is awesome! I even did an interview with the local ABC San Diego Affiliate in which I prominently featured the guard because I believe it's a fantastic product. I hope you're getting lots of orders!"

- Jason Kruse - Animator and Creator of "The World of Quest" at


Sonja Kerkhoffs of Germany

"The gloves fit well and I feel comfortable wearing them. The stitching is precise and promises a longtime usage; it’s really solid workmanship. The gloves allow smooth movements when drawing or writing, no matter if I do digital painting on my Cintiq or write or paint on an ordinary piece of paper. Altogether, I am pleased with the SmudgeGuards. It’s definitely a lot better to work with them than with my old cotton gloves. A brilliant invention, thank you very much."

- Sonja Kerkhoffs of Germany at



Pierre Rogers of Chicago, IL

"The SmudgeGuard® is totally worth the cost."

- Pierre Rogers of Chicago, IL at




Vitezslav Jancak

"The SmudgeGuard® Gloves are great to me and my wife."

- Vitezslav Jancak of the Czech Republic




Meinte Spiegel of the Netherlands Meinte Spiegel of the Netherlands

- Pictures Courtesy of Meinte Spiegel of the Netherlands



Matthew David's Drawing

"I purchased your simply elegant product knowing how great it would be to glide across the screen making confident lines in every direction. But when I finally put it to use with my Cintiq I had a hard time imagining drawing without SmudgeGuard®.

Above, is the first drawing I did with SmudgeGuard®, and I am hooked. Thank you."

- Matthew David - Designer/Illustrator



David Noonan of Sweden

"It's a great product! Now that I've gotten used to it, I can't imagine drawing without it!"

- David Noonan - Artist at



Marissa Rivera of Bronx, NY Marissa Rivera of Bronx, NY

"I got your package today and I already love this glove! It's very comfy and seems to build more tolerance against the tablet's heating. Also slides easier on the screen and I don't have to worry about more smudging. I really really love this product. :) I think it looks very cool too."

- Marissa Rivera - Fantasy Artist at



John Berry

"I tried out my SmudgeGuard® and I must say, there is nothing like it. My hand glides smoothly over my Wacom Cintiq unlike any other solution I have tried. My lines are much smoother as I don't have to deal with the friction that is created when drawing bare-handed or with a homemade glove on the plastic surface of the Cintiq. I also love the simplicity of the design, I almost forget I have it on!"

- John Berry - Anime Artist



Jeremy Anderson of Bothell, WA

"The SmudgeGuard® rocks! It provides a comfortable, low-friction barrier
between me and my Cintiq that even cools the side of my drawing hand
when I glide it around. Skin oils can be such a drag (literally) and
the SmudgeGuard® totally eliminates that. I'm very happy with my
purchase... and the color even matches my tablet!"

- Jeremy Anderson at



Lynn Cartwright of Channel Islands, CA

"SmudgeGuard® is an excellent addition to my art arsenal and is a must for hot days when my hand wants to stick to the surface of a Wacom Cintiq or Intuos3. It helps glide smoothly and looks good doing it. It's a clever, well designed invention. I bought one in burgundy which matches the stone in my ring and enhanced it. Does all that additional color help my artwork? I don't know, but either way it'll look sharp as I work to improve with this well made glove!"

- Lynn Cartwright ~ Channel Islands, CA



Jade Ingsley of the UK

"I got my Wacom, and I have been using the SmudgeGuard® on it.
It's brilliant and now I can even keep my Wacom clean! =] Thanks again!"

- Jade Ingsley of the United Kingdom



Fred Townsend of Haddonfield, NJ Fred Townsend of Haddonfield, NJ

- Pictures Courtesy of Fred Townsend of Haddonfield, NJ



H. Jones of Fairfax, VA

"SG really helps manage friction on my Wacom, a huge bonus for long, sweeping strokes. Even smaller motions take less effort, and are more comfortable to do because I can move my hand when I need to -- without feeling like SG is slippery... so it's easy to keep my hand still when I need to. But most of all SG helps me work more comfortably over a longer period of time since I'm not worried about grunge and sweat.

I use my SG and Wacom together for both art and manipulating digital audio and music -- tasks which both require a lot of accuracy, subtlety, and long, time consuming workflows. I highly recommend SmudgeGuard®!"

- H. Jones at



Angela Knapp

"I got my SmudgeGuard® last week, as a birthday gift from my mother. It works great! It slides easily over the paper, and it fits comfortably. Snug like a second skin. Along with not smudging when I have it on while coloring, I can also use it to quickly pick up any colored pencil residue from the lead, before it gets ground into the paper by the pressure I use to color. This also keeps me from having to moan and groan later, because the colored pencil lead no longer sweeps across the paper, miscoloring it, when I move my hand across the surface. It definitely saves alot of mishaps and time. As you said, it is good for sketching, inking, even coloring. It also allows my hand to smoothly move over my 8x6 Graphire Wacom Tablet. An excellent product. I will definitely be using it for artist alley's at conventions, as well as regular day to day use on personal art."

- Angela Knapp - Anime Artist/Illustrator



"I love the SmudgeGuard®. It does everything you advertised that it would do. I'm extremely heavy handed with my sketches and I scribble and jump around the page a lot. I also work under a hot lamp which causes my hand to perspire. A typical sketch without using the SG looks something like this:

Sketching without the SmudgeGuard™

Notice that most of the right side of the page is faded and smudged. A real pain to have to keep going back and retouching the smudged/faded parts.


When I finished with this sketch, my hand looked like this:

Smudged hand after sketching


With the use of the SG now, a page looks like this:

Sketching with the SmudgeGuard®


Crisp, clear lines. No smudging at all, only my scribbles. And clean up at the end of a sketch is as easy as removing a glove. The SG is a great buy and a great drawing tool."

- Jason T. Newman



"I received my SG today. It fits perfectly and is very comfortable, breathable, and slides smoothly right across my screen while drawing on my tablet PC. It feels great to have another useful tool for my arsenal that helps me step up my game :) The quality is held to high standards. The customer support is top notch and shipping is very fast.

It doesn't seem like something like this would make a difference but it DOES. I am very satisfied with my SG!

- Chris Dill - Flash Animator and Web Designer



"I received the glove and it's even better than I expected. Great design and idea. Every calligrapher should have one of these! It protects the paper from all oils that naturally occur on the hand. Check out the video below where you can see I'm wearing the SmudgeGuard® on my right hand."

- David Ogden - Calligrapher at





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